News: Betting college football

News: Betting college football
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News: Betting college football

News: Betting college football

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When Roger Goodell is asked at his state-of-the-league address at the Super Bowl why the quality of prime-time games was so putrid this season, he should rattle off some clich about how strong the NFL product is and then summon Gruden from behind a hidde (2014-11-12)

2015 Kentucky Derby Odds (2015-04-15)

March Madness Bracket (2015-02-15)

Undefeated Big 12 Showdown (2010-10-07)

CFL: Defending champs finally open home slate (2010-07-22)

CFB: Cotton Bowl - OLE MISS vs. OKLAHOMA STATE (2:00 PM ET, FOX) (2010-01-04)

CFB: EagleBank Bowl - UCLA vs. Temple (4:30 PM ET, ESPN) (2009-12-29)

CFB: Army vs. Navy (2:30 PM ET, CBS) (2009-12-11)

CFB: Kansas State at Nebraska (7:45 PM ET, ESPN) (2009-11-20)

CFB: West Virginia at Cincinnati (8:00 PM ET, ESPN) (2009-11-13)

Tennessee (+15, 41.5) at Alabama 3:30E CBS (2009-10-23)

CFB: Boise State favored at treacherous Tulsa (2009-10-15)

CFB: Oklahoma at Miami (8:00 PM ET, ABC) (2009-10-02)

CFB: Texas Tech at Texas (8:00 PM ET, ABC) (2009-09-18)

CFB: UCLA at Tennessee (4:00 PM ET, ESPN) (2009-09-14)

CFB: College Football Betting Starts Now (2009-09-03)


CFB: Armed Forces Bowl - Air Force vs. Houston (12:00 PM ET, ESPN) (2008-12-31)

CFB: Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl - Arizona vs. BYU (8:00 PM ET, ESPN) (2008-12-19)

CFB: Fierce Non-Conference Rivals Square Off (2008-11-28)

CFB: California at Oregon State (3:30 PM ET, ABC- GP) (2008-11-14)

CFB: Monster Mountain West Wagering Matchup (2008-11-06)

CFB: Oklahoma State at Texas (3:30 PM ET, ABC) (2008-10-24)

CFB: College Football SEC Style (2008-10-10)

CFB: Big East Battle Set for Thurdsday (2008-10-03)

CFB: Ohio State at USC (8:00 PM ET, ABC) (2008-09-12)

CFB: Southern Miss at Auburn (12:30E, ESPNGamePlan) (2008-09-05)

CFB - Texas Bowl - TCU vs. HOUSTON (8:00 PM ET NFL Network) (2007-12-28)

(BCS) BCS Championship Game - SUperdome - New Orleans, LA (491) OHIO ST vs. (492) LSU 2008 Monday, January 7th - 8:00 PM (2007-12-11)

Insight Bowl: SUn Devil Stadium - Tempe, AZ (459) INDIANA vs. (460) OKLAHOMA ST 2007 (2007-12-11)

Holiday Bowl: Qualcomm Stadium - San Diego, CA (403) TEXAS vs. (404) ARIZONA ST (2007-12-10)

CFB - Missouri vs. Kansas (8:00 PM ET ABC) (2007-11-23)

CFB - Ohio State at Michigan (12:00E ABC) (2007-11-19)

CFB - Central Florida at Southern Miss (8:00E ESPN) (2007-10-29)

CFB - Michigan at Illinois (2007-10-19)